contribution of my first article to Myoshinji blog

This is my first contribtution to Myoshinji blog. I am 'fluteman3' or Keiichi Yamazaki of Myoshinji temple in Yokohama City, Japan. Myoshinji is a buddhist temple of HBS [Honmon Butsuryu Shu] whose headquarter temple is Yuseiji in Kyoto. The head priest of Myoshinji is Rev. Seijun Nagamatsu. We all come to the temple regularly (some members come every morning, some less often) to chant Namu-Myoho-Renge-Kyo, the most sacred mantra, in our main religious chamber and in our second religious chamber. Many members or faithful of the temple participate in various activities of the temple such as culural and educational activities, international expansion activities, activities for children, and domestic expansion activities. I am director of the department of international affairs.
We are starting this site (blog) to disseminate the teachings of Lord Shakamuni Buddha, Great Master Nichiren, Great Master Nichiryu and Founder of HBS Nagamatsu Seifu (Nissen Shounin) to all suffering people around the world. Myoshinji is getting committed to many social activities, but one of them is to develop a system of HBS CO-OP to provide our members with safe and good foods. The temple is also highly interested in helping overseas members of HBS including members in Sri Lanka, South Korea, Brazil and other countries.
We are happy to answer any questions you might have about Buddhism. Please send your queries to our site. Thank you very much.

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